Quality and performance

Anti-glare screen and curve marking systems offering optimum safety for road users

BEILHARZ anti-glare systems

Anti-glare systems are mainly used on district roads, state roads, federal roads, motorways and in the area of railway lines.

By reducing the distance between the vanes, the glare protection becomes an almost closed privacy screen and has been used for many years on test tracks by car manufacturers or in industrial buildings.

Proven Quality

All anti-glare systems are tested and approved according to DIN EN 12676.

In addition, a wind speed of 160 km/h (44.44 m/s) was successfully tested for use on high-speed railway lines.

Our anti-glare systems achieved excellent results both in the UV test according to EN 12676 and in the additional color fastness test.


  • BEILHARZ anti-glare systems generally behave passively in the event of an impact, depending on the substructure.
  • Our systems have no sharp edges in the impact area that could cause damage or injury.
  • The fastening is carried out in such a way that no parts of the vanes are thrown away in the event of a vehicle impact.
  • With a standard vane spacing of 666 mm, the anti-glare systems can be effortlessly climbed through at any point by rescue services with stretchers.


  • Our square tube holder are specially matched to the substructure and attached to it. With the extended insert, you can compensate for length differences in the substructure or deviations in the curve.
  • The hot-dip galvanized square tube 45 x 45 x 2 mm, 3,960 mm long (special lengths possible) is clamped onto the square tube holder with two screws.
  • The vane holder is the connecting piece between the square tube and the plastic vanes. Holders with a fixed vane angle are clamped onto the square tube with a screw and can be moved in the longitudinal direction. Rotatable vane holders are attached to the square tube with a through-bolt.
  • The plastic vanes are completely closed, oval hollow body slats made of green colored low-pressure polyethylene (PE-HD) and are fastened to the vane holders with four screws. The standard heights are 600 mm, 900 mm or 1,200 mm.


All steel and connecting parts are hot-dip galvanized, the plastic vanes are made of high-quality HD-PE. The vanes are spread out on the vane holders at the bottom during assembly. This is the whole system

  • resistant to UV rays, exhaust gases, de-icing salts and other environmental influences
  • temperature resistant from minus 30°C to plus 60°C
  • impact and shatterproof
  • The vanes are dimensionally stable and flexible at the same time. No crescent-shaped bending, even when the sun is shining on one side. Even when turning violently by up to 90 degrees, they snap back to their original position.

Your benefits

  • no maintenance required: The vanes have a self-cleaning effect due to the high material density and absolutely smooth surface
  • individual dimensioning with regard to the protective and visual effect according to your place of use and purpose
  • When replacing the protective barrier substructure, only the square tube holder need to be changed and not the square tubes
  • in the event of damage, all individual components (including slats) can be replaced at any time

Delivery possible in 3 different variants

  • All parts supplied loosely
    When choosing this type of delivery, all parts will be dispatched loosely. The complete anti-glare screen system must then be screwed together on site. This is a very time-consuming work and is, therefore, not recommended because the final assembly at the site will be rather expensive.
  • Partly pre-mounted
    When choosing this type of delivery, the anti-glare screen vanes have already been screwed onto the vane holders and are aligned vertically. The anti-glare screen vanes, together with the vane holders, will only be clamped onto the square tube by means of one (1) screw only – at the required distance - at the site.
    This type of delivery should be selected, if the transport distances are very long, because it needs relatively little transport volume in this case and final assembly can nevertheless be carried out within a reasonable time.
  • Pre-mounted
    In the case of the pre-mounted type of delivery, the anti-glare screen vanes have already been clamped firmly onto the square tube – at the required distance – and they are aligned vertically. During the final assembly, complete bays of 4 m in length can be fixed onto the square tube holders by means of two screws only.
    Since the transport volume is relatively high when using this type of delivery – i.e. only 1,200 m can be loaded onto a truck -, this type of delivery is mostly used only within Germany or the adjacent countries.

By reducing the distance of the vanes and rotating it by 90°, a privacy screen is created.

The vanes are pre-stressed in the clamping area

Square tube holders are available for all substructures

Vane holders with a fixed angle or rotatable are attached to the square tube

Pre-assembled design for time-saving installation or partly pre-assembled design for space-saving transport