The general wildlife warning reflector

The general wildlife warning reflector
  • Product description

    The general wildlife warning reflector

    Optimum reflection properties
    The combination of the blue transparent or transparent body with aluminium film deposited on the rear create the colours light-blue or silver-white. These
    colour schemes allow a maximum light reflection and at the same time an optimal optical perception by wildlife.

    Horizontal reflection
    The horizontal radiation angle of 120° ensures the illumination of the complete area behind the delineator, thus creating the biggest possible barrier for wildlife.

    Vertical reflection
    Fins that are integrated in the reflector produce light flashes and thus compensate slopes and inclines of between -20° and +20° in the area behind the delineator. What’s more, the reflector’s slightly curved central lens guarantees a constant, homogeneous light at ground level.

    All of the product advantages at a glance

    • Wildlife warning reflector of impact-resistant plastic, aluminium film deposited and sealed on rear.
    • Flattened semi-circular shape, 250 mm long, large reflective area for all wildlife warning systems.
    • Absolutely smooth surface guarantees the best possible self-cleaning effect and stability.
    • Low weight
    • Light-blue, silver-white, custom colours possible
    • Universal use in all terrains (level ground, slopes and valleys).
    • Photometrically tested by LTI of Karlsruhe University.
    • Resistant to road salt and weathering.
    • Can be retrofitted with a plastic casing or integrated in the delineator.
    • Dimensions

      approx. 100x25x250 mm

    • Reflector colour

      light-blue or silver-white, special colors possible

    • Tested

      photometric audited by LTI University Karlsruhe

    • Body colour

      plastic black

    • Mounting

      integrated variant in the delineator or subsequent assembly with plastic housing

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