Vorwärts!® (forward)
Thought sustainably

Sustainable thinking

As a plastics processing company, we see it as our responsibility to make our products and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. An integral part of our corporate philosophy is to reconcile ecological thinking and economic action.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and are constantly driving forward product and process concepts that reduce the use of materials and energy in production without impairing the functionality and service life of the product.

At BEILHARZ, we have developed the Verwärts® concept for the best possible recycling of plastic. Thanks to our closed material cycle with the re-granulation of old delineator posts, we achieve a CO2 saving of approx. 72% compared to products made exclusively from new material.

We also consciously rely on the multiple use of existing raw materials as well as packaging and energy-optimized processes wherever possible. Day after day - true to our motto "Vorwärts® - sustainable thinking!"


In the course of delivering new goods to our customers, we take back old, damaged delineators in a cycle. The return is normally done by our own vehicles on swap frames, which ensures that the material does not end up in waste incineration plants.


The material taken back is separated from foreign substances such as earth, metal, wood or glass at our company location in Vöhringen - Germany. The old delineator post covers are then shredded, cleaned and dried in our in-house recycling facilities. At the end of these operations, HDPE flakes remain for further processing.


The HDPE flakes are melted, homogenized and subjected to further filtration in order to safely remove any foreign matter that remains. At the end of this work process, it is further processed into gray granules, a recyclate made of white delineators with black day markings and reinforcements.


In our in-house production facilities, the gray recyclate, with the addition of HDPE new material for the outer white top layer, are used to make our Vorwärts® delineator posts in the well-known BEILHARZ quality. In the entire production process, we thus significantly reduce the use of raw materials and energy and thus save approx. 72% CO2 per delineator.


At the end of the production chain are our Verwärts® delineators, tested and certified according to DIN EN 12899-3, which are now being used again on roads and traffic routes. By the way, also Vorwärts® delineators can be completely processed into new Verwärts® delineators after use in our closed material cycle. Vorwärts® – Sustainably good!