Vorwärts!® (forward)
our mission since 1907

Pioneer in road equipment
from the beginning

Winning over our customers every day: that is the goal we have in mind to guarantee successful and lasting cooperation. How do we achieve that? With service-oriented, creative, great employees and innovative products that have always brought the company forward. The BEILHARZ brand has stood for high-quality steel, wood and plastic products for over 75 years.

Since 1907

The beginnings

In 1907, Friedrich and Johannes Beilharz took over the business of their father Johannes and continued selling and repairing agricultural machinery under the name Gebrüder Beilharz. With the construction of their own power plant with direct current generators and accumulators, the surrounding villages could be supplied with electrical energy for the first time.

The death of Johannes Beilharz in 1937 prompted his four sons to take the leap into self-employment. They founded Johannes Beilharz KG in 1938. In its early days, the company initially produced grist mills, washing machines and manual trolleys under the well-known brand name "Vorwärts".


The early 1950s at Johannes Beilharz KG were characterized by a significant expansion of the program and included, among other things, the development of a road cart. This supposedly inconspicuous article was to have a lasting influence on the later development of the company - after all, it opened the door to a completely new group of customers: the road construction authorities.

Johannes Beilharz KG has conquered a leading international market position with a new, patented road delineator. With its know-how in wood and metal processing as well as plastics processing and electronics production, the company was well positioned and was able to successfully benefit from the economic boom of the post-war period.


Under the leadership of Hans Beilharz and Arthur Schweizer, the extensive product range was streamlined and specialization in the core segments took place.

In the field of road equipment, constant further developments led to the expansion of the range. The newer items include snow fences, delineators, amphibious protection fences and other construction site security products.

The versatility of the products was characteristic of the timber construction sector. The palette ranged from the playhouse, a complete series of garden and tool sheds to wardens', weekend and holiday homes to salt grit halls.


Beilharz GmbH has been managed in the fourth generation by Stefan Beilharz since 2008. Through the consistent expansion of the range, Beilharz GmbH has developed into the leading supplier for road construction authorities - not only in Germany. With road delineators, beacons, anti-glare systems, snow fences and much more, the company offers quality from a single source. Today, BEILHARZ employs over 80 people and produces products for over 30 countries worldwide.

Innovative, resource-conserving product ideas such as the new Forward® delineator post and sustainable energy measures allow the company to look Vorwärts® to a positive future.