VARIO modular ROUND for traffic signs with ø 600 mm
  • Product description

    VARIO modular ROUND

    Our VARIO modular system is the further development of our popular VARIO interchangeable signs. On the one hand, it is us for stationary use and helps improve general road safety at roundabouts, entrances an exits as well as traffic islands. On the other hand, VARIO modular allow even more flexible, faster and safer signposting and safeguarding of mobile and temporary roadworks.

    • Material

      Impact-resistant and shatterproof plastic, dimensionally stable and flexible, rounded corners and all-round protective foil edge

    • Dimension

      approx. ø 620 x 165 mm

    • Road sign

      Available with all the usual traffic signs, special prints are possible according to customer specifications

    • Colour sign holder


    • Adhesive area

      approx. ø 610 mm

    • Road sign foil

      Type RA2/C

    • Foil size

      ø 600 mm, sign size 2

    • Settings

      Adjust different angles in 22.5° steps (can be fixed with screws)

    • Clip-on collar

      2 clip-on collar with an insertion depth of approx. 200 mm each with internal locking elements. Attachment to a support post is possible via one or both clip-on collars.

    • Assembly

      Einfaches Aufstecken auf Leitpfosten in Dreieckform, VARIO-Tragpfosten in Dreieckform und VARIO-Rundpfosten. Beim stationären Einsatz empfehlen wir die Sicherung mittels Schrauben.

    • Weight

      approx. 1.50 kg incl. foil

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