VARIO delineator cap for curves

VARIO delineator cap for curves with traffic sign 625
  • Product description

    VARIO delineator cap for curves

    The VARIO delineator cap for curves – developed at the initiative of and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Baden-Wurttemberg – is used as a marker and signal in a variety of applications. It is primarily used to mark curves with a tight radius and on dangerous stretches of road for motorcycles and is instrumental in helping to avoid and reduce injuries in accidents involving two-wheeled road users.

    On account of the positive experiences, the VARIO delineator cap for curves has been adopted as the new standard in the MVMot 2021. In the meantime,
    the VARIO delineator cap for curves is now in successful use on numerous German Federal States (e.g. Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse etc.) as well as in other European countries (e.g. Austria, Switzerland).

    • Material

      Impact-resistant and shatterproof plastic, dimensionally stable and flexible, rounded corners and all-round protective foil edge

    • Dimension

      ca. 720 x 520 x 165 mm

    • Road sign

      Foil road sign 625 on one or both sides

    • Colour sign holder


    • Adhesive area

      ca. 515 x 515 mm

    • Road sign foil

      Type RA2/C

    • Foil size

      500 x 500 mm

    • Settings

      Adjust different angles in 22.5° steps (can be fixed with screws)

    • Clip-on collar

      Clip-on collar with an insertion depth of approx. 200 mm and internal locking elements

    • Assembly

      Quick and easy installation on VARIO triangular support post und VARIO round post

    • Weight

      approx. 1.65 kg incl. the foiles

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