VARIO traffic signs
Product properties

Product properties

All VARIO traffic signs components are characterized by the following properties.

  • Clip-on road sign support to fit all standard delineators in Germany, VARIO support posts in triangular shape and VARIO round posts
  • All individual elements can be clipped on separately or used in combination with each other (only with VARIO-Modular)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Impact-resistant and shatterproof plastic
  • Plastic, dyed white
  • Dimensionally stable and flexible
  • Resistant to UV and acids
  • Rounded corners and all-round protective foil edge
  • Road sign foil Type RA2/C
  • VARIO boom to comply with the clearance gauge and installation heights as per RSA

Product film VARIO traffic signs

Produktfilm VARIO Modular