VARIO modular ROUND with traffic sign 274-50 permissible maximum speed 50 km/h
  • Product description

    VARIO modular ROUND

    • Clip-on road sign support to fit all standard delineators in Germany
    • All individual elements can be clipped on separately or used in combination with each other
    • Stable according to the German “TL-Aufstellvorrichtung”, depending on version acc. to the application table
    • VARIO boom to comply with the clearance gauge and installation heights as per RSA
    • Material

      Impact-resistant and shatterproof plastic, dimensionally stable and flexible, rounded corners and all-round protective foil edge

    • Dimension

      approx. ø 620 x 165 mm

    • Road sign

      Available with all the usual traffic signs, special prints are possible according to customer specifications

    • Colour sign holder


    • Adhesive area

      approx. ø 610 mm

    • Road sign foil

      Type RA2/C

    • Foil size

      Foil diameter Ø 600 mm, sign size 2

    • Can be combined with

      • VARIO modular BOOM with integrated couple
      • VARIO modular TRIANGULAR with separate coupler
      • VARIO modular ROUND with separate coupler
      • VARIO modular ADDITIONAL SIGN with integrated coupler
      • VARIO modular SQUARE with separate coupler
    • Settings

      Adjust different angles in 22.5° steps (can be fixed with screws)

    • Clip-on collar

      2 clip-on collar with an insertion depth of approx. 200 mm each with internal locking elements. Attachment to a support post is possible via one or both clip-on collars.

    • Assembly

      Easy to attach on triangular delineators, VARIO triangular support post or VARIO round post

    • Weight

      approx. 1,50 kg incl. the foil

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