Sustainably good
The Vorwärts® Delineator

The new Vorwärts® delineator is standard with us from now on!

Can you spot the difference?


You are right: there is no difference in the external view and in the technical properties. But when it comes to sustainability, our Vorwärts® signpost sets a new standard.

Our delineator post consists of up to 80% recycled material and is therefore an important step for the future, both economically and ecologically.

Of course, the delineator post is CE-certified and tested and approved according to EN 12899.

Sustainably good!

  • Closed cycle of life – old delineators are turned into new Vorwärts® delineators. And that with equivalent technical properties, appearance and quality. Thus the Vorwärts® delineator is one of the true recycling products*.

  • The use of the Vorwärts® delineator saves an average of approx. 1.5 kg of CO2 per delineator cover. Compared to conventional delineators, which are mainly made from new material, this corresponds to a saving of approx. 72% in CO2**.

  • Based on the German delineator market alone, an impressive CO2 saving of approx. 1,710 t per year could be achieved by using the Vorwärts® delineator.

  • We support our public and private contractors in achieving their environmental goals and specifications for sustainable and environmentally friendly procurement:

* Recycling (reusing the raw material and processing it into a product of consistent quality) vs. downcycling (recycling a raw material and processing it into a lower-quality product).

** Information sheet on CO2 factors as of November 15, 2021 from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control

TOP-FACT Lifecycle

After use Vorwärts® delineators can also be fully processed into new delineators in our closed cycle.

Recommendation of the Federal Environment Agency

Procurement of plastic products from post-consumer recyclates - guidelines for public procurement