Suitable for any protection system

The right anti-glare screen or curve marking system for every protection system

Standard version

We already offer our systems as standard for a wide variety of requirements and substructures:

  • vane height 600 mm, 900 mm, 1,200 mm
  • vane color green

  • vane distance 666 mm (anti-glare system)
  • vane spacing 222 mm (privacy protection)

  • vanet holders with a fixed angle of 90 degrees to the road
  • rotatable vane holders for any desired angle up to 180 degrees
  • half-shell holder for direct mounting on concrete barriers

  • square tube length 3,960 mm

  • square tube holder for crash barrier systems or concrete sliding walls

Special version

Custom-made products are also possible for all individual parts for your very special needs

  • other colors of the plastic vanes, e.g. white or blue
  • individual vane heights from 300 to 1,200mm
  • smaller vane distances with additional vanes on the square tube
  • for even anti-glare system or privacy protection, 1,200mm vanes are mounted on the square tube pointing up and down
  • movable vane holders with slanted vanes at any desired angle
  • square tubes in all lengths up to a maximum of 6000 mm

Half-shell holder for mounting directly on concrete barriers or other fixed bases (free choice of vane spacing and mounting angle)

The plastic vanes are available in custom colours on request.