Proven worldwide
for over 70 years

Fixed, vertical road traffic signs according to EN 12899

Our know-how

When it comes to safety, qualification, experience and quality come first. Well reflecting road delineators make an indispensable contribution to road safety and preventative accident prevention.

For more than 70 years, our company has been developing and producing delineators in a wide variety of designs for a wide range of requirements. Our products are manufactured exclusively in southern Germany.

Quality from BEILHARZ

  • delineator post made of high-molecular low-pressure polyethylene (PE-HD-HM)
  • white surface with black day number plate, which is flat and welded in over the entire surface
  • delineator post covers made from one piece without welds
  • extremely robust, UV and ozone resistant
  • resistant to cold and heat
  • resistant to acids and alkalis
  • resistant to exhaust fumes and salt
  • resistant to mechanical loads and stone chipping
  • reinforcement of the wall thickness in critical areas for even greater stability
  • smooth surface, making it easy to clean and care for Reflectors in recessed pockets
  • serial hole for receiving the telephone information arrows
  • tested and approved according to DIN EN 12899-3 (CE-certified)

Tailored to your needs

  • delineator posts in different variants for installation in the street verge
  • delineator post for mounting on various vehicle restraint systems
  • optional accessories for extended control functions
  • different wall thicknesses for different requirements
  • various stiffeners for even greater resistance to mechanical stress
  • retroreflectors in different classes and colors

BEILHARZ delineator made of one piece.

BEILHARZ delineators are available with many options, such as an integrated snow pole

BEILHARZ delineators are available for all common vehicle restraint systems.

We test: Stability comparison of different delineators
We test: Stability comparison of different delineators