Quality and performance

Long-life quality

  • The steel support posts are firmly woven into the fabric and are held in place at several points by a screw strip
  • Chafing strips have been worked in between the support posts and fabric so that the fabric does not chafe even after many years of use

Integrated retightening device

  • The guy ropes are not tensioned and released by hammering the pegs in deeper or pulling them out, but by patented rope tensioning devices. So there is no problem if the ropes have to be retightened, and you don’t have to search for the pegs in deep snow
  • Lateral bracing of the fence is only necessary from one side, the other side tensions itself automatically


  • Longitudinal bracing is by means of the hop-dip galvanised steel ropes that are incorporated at the top and bottom of the fence. These steel ropes prevent the snow fence from sagging under load and at the same time offer optimum theft protection for the snow fence mats
  • Support post spacing 6m for a safe stand in normal locations
  • Support post spacing 4m for maximum stability in very windy locations

100% benefits

  • Snow fences are erected in an upright position so that 100% of their length can be used
  • Since the pegs are hammered into the ground fully on installation, the are not subjected to any bending moment. They sit tight – even in ploughed fields – and are still small and handy
  • On account of the small pegs and bases plates, that are only 20 cm long, onto which the support posts are place, the fences can be installed easily in even hard or stony soils festem oder steinigem Boden möglich

Tacker for mechanical installation

Reinforced pegs and our base plates can be driven in quickly and comfortably with the tacker.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Save time by driving in pegs and base plates faster
  • Reduced workload through effortless mechanical driving of pegs
  • Less material wear through mechanical driving
  • Higher stability of the erected system
  • Safer work for the installation personnel

Easy handling

  • Supplied on handy rolls: fast installation an removal, cost-effective storage. The system can be installed and removed by only one person if necessary
  • The snow fence does not have to be cleaned and dried after its removal in Spring It can be put away dirty and wert without having to fear any damage to the snow fence

The steel support posts are firmly incorporated into the fabric via the mat holding plate including rub strips

Integrated retightening device for fast tensioning and release of the guy ropes

Tacker for quick and easy mechanical installation

Easy handling, delivered in handy rolls