Installation and removal
Snow fence


  • Minimum distance from the road = snow fence height x 10. The optimum efficiency is achieved with the help of this formula.
  • Hammer a base plate into the ground every 4 or 6 m. For the correct spacing of the base plates, we recommend using our standard winch.
  • To the left and right of the base plates at a distance of approx. 2 m, hammer in the pegs at an angle of approx. 45° and hang in the guy ropes. Thanks to the tensioning device in the guy ropes, the distance of 2 m can be generously adjusted in the case of rock or other obstacles.
  • Unroll the snow fence mat comfortably in an upright posture.
  • Place the integrated support posts onto the base plates and hang the ropes with the cable guide plates on top of the support posts.
  • Tension the entire field with the rope tensioners. This work is made considerably easier by the collet.
  • It is always possible to install several snow fence clusters in a continuous row at any time without additional parts.

Installation with tacker

For an even faster and more convenient building our snow fences we offer these in a version for machinery installation of the pegs. This variant is constructed identically to our proven snow fence systems - only the pegs are reinforced, which allows an automatic driving.

Of course, existing systems can be subsequently amplified. For this purpose, additional spot welds must be mounted to the existing pegs. More information is available on request.

Your advantages in an overview

  • Save time by faster driving the pegs and faster installation of the fence
  • Work easier by energy-saving, machine driving the pegs
  • Reduced material wear by mechanical install
  • Higher stability of the system constructed
  • Higher working security for the building staff

Dismantling and storage

  • Detach and unhook the guy ropes.
  • Flatten the snow fence matting and pull out the pegs and the base plates. The peg extractor is very helpful for this procedure.
  • Roll up the snow fence matting with the integrated posts – it's easiest to do this when using our matting winding device.

The 4 tools for assembly and disassembly are not absolutely necessary - they accelerate this work, however, considerable.

Standard winch and tensioning device make installation much easier

Base plates, pegs and tensioning ropes with tensioning device for a secure footing

Snow fence tacker for mechanical installation

The peg puller and mat winder make dismantling much easier

Assembly video tacker

Montagefilm Amphibienleitwand und Amphibienschutzzaun