Honeycomb pavers

  • Product description

    Honeycomb pavers for straight roads and in curves

    Especially for the road pavement (verges) we developed the trapezoid honeycomb paver. Due to his special shape this honeycomb paver can be installed in straight lines as well in turns without any use of cotter elements. By the modern slot and key system an ideal connection and an easy installation is guaranteed in every situation. For a maximum of passive road safety the trapezoid honeycomb paver is equipped with acoustic run down knobs. In addition, this paver is equipped with drilling holes for a longitudinal fastening.

    Product properties

    • High resilience of up to 700 t/m² of laid area, corresponding to a car weight of approx. 48 t with four contact points (4 wheels)
    • Ideal cohesion and easy installation through tongue and groove system
    • Resistant to oil and acids
    • Possible greening on 49 % of open area
    • Can be laid in curves in 2° - 4° steps
    • Natural seepage of precipitation thanks to little surface sealing
    • Compressive strength of honeycomb paver certified by TÜV
    • Each paver has 2 holes in the tongue and groove for optional longitudinal fastening
    • Increased road safety through acoustic ride-over studs
    • Recycled material used in its production

    Technical properties

    • Dimensions 654 x 460 x 65 mm
    • Installation dimensions 620 x 460 x 65 mm
    • Cavity size 96 x 96 mm
    • Web width 40 mm
    • 12 square cavities
    • Weight approx. 14.5 kg
    • 100 % recycled mixed plastic
    • Black
    • Straight-line installation for straight sections
    • Circular installation for curves or bendy roads
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