Case-Base-Plate Flex K1 TL

  • Product description

    Type Case-Base-Plate Flex K1 TL

    Our newly developed TL-Case-Base-Plate Flex K1 differs from the case-base-plates previously known on the market due to its maximum flexibility.
    • large number of openings saves time and personnel expenditure during assembly and dismantling
    • 4 ergonomic carrying handles each in the centre
    • reduced risk of stumbling in public spaces, e.g. for pedestrians, cyclists
    • optimum use of the width of the traffic route, e.g. for wheelchair users
    • central openings for sign posts 40x40 straight and at an angle of 45°, which meet the requirements for placing signs 283 and 286 pointing to the road according to VwV-StVO or RSA
    • the most flexible combinations possible with site fence bases, base plates for delineators and case base plates from a wide range of manufacturers
    • individual customer embossing via logo plate or permanently integrated logo possible

    *property rights exist for the TL case footplate Flex K1

    • Dimensions

      780 x 400 x 120 mm

    • Material

      100% recycled mixed plastic

    • Hole pattern / openings

      1 x 60x60 mm
      1 x 40x40 mm with slot
      1 x 40x40 45° turned
      14 x 42x42 mm (combination opening = Ø 45 mm)

    • Special features

      Weight class K1

    • Weight

      32 kg +/- 2 kg

    • Packaging unit

      30 units/pallet

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