Integrated wildlife warning reflector

Delineator with integrated wildlife warning reflector possible for all models
  • Product description

    Delineator post with integrated wildlife warning reflector - effective protection for people and animals

    Against the background of an average of 200,000 wildlife accidents every year, our delineators with integrated wildlife warning reflector make an important contribution to road safety and the protection of people and animals.

    The integrated wildlife warning reflector deflects the light hitting the reflectors from the vehicle backwards across the roadway, creating an optical warning fence that prevents wildlife from entering or crossing the roadway. In order not to disturb the natural passage of deer, this effect only occurs when a vehicle approaches.

    The indentation for mounting the wildlife warning reflectors is on the back of the delineator at the level of the black day number plate, which does not affect the high stability of our one-piece delineator.

    As an integrated wildlife warning mirror, we use our tried-and-tested general wildlife warning reflector, which is also available for retrofitting on the delineator post. You can find more information on how the wildlife warning reflector works here: General wildlife warning reflector

    Advantages compared to wildlife warning reflectors to be installed later:

    • Reduced risk of injury in accidents
    • Lower purchase price of wildlife warning reflectors
    • No snagging of the washing brushes on plastic or metal housings
    • No damage from mowers
    • Better storage options for the delineators
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