Integrated profile core safety catch

The profiled core safety catch is blown into the delineator at the top and bottom – environmentally friendly and long-lasting reliability
  • Product description

    The integrated profile core safety catch – environmentally friendly and long-lasting reliability

    The profiled core safety catch which is blown in during the production of the delineator, ensures that the profile core reinforcement is securely fixed in the base of the delineator post.

    Through a special process in the manufacture of the delineator post, a safety device in the form of a locking lug is blown into the back of the delineator post cover at the level of the reflectors and at the lower end. This safety device guarantees that the profile core does not move up or can migrate below and thereby the delineator is weakened. The reinforcement of the delineator post is permanently and securely fixed in the lower end position.
    Maximum stability for the delineator post can thus be guaranteed over the entire lifetime of the delineator post.

    Advantages of the profiled core safety catch

    • The complete delineator post is 100% recyclable as it contains no metal contaminants
    • Detachment of the profile core safety device can be ruled out, since it forms one body together with the delineator post
    • An oxidation as with screws or clamps (also made of stainless steel) can be excluded
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